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Welcome to the world of Shaunough

The Shaunough Adventure

The 5 CD story (so far) begins as the sound of a door opens in "DREAM" and the music begins with a hi-diddle-i-dee greeting, and old traditional songs such as 'Moonshiner', 'Whistlin' Gypsy Rover', 'Wild Rover', and 'Black Velvet Band', take enjoyment to a high stepping level. In the end, as Shaunough walks out, the door closes behind, and he is off in search of adventure.

Another door opens and Shaunough walks into the "HOT TIMES" Tavern where he calls to the innkeeper and the revels roll on with stories in songs such as my own version of Angus and A Fairy Tale. The Love Potion has a haunting gypsy flavor and a flight on the winds if you close your eyes, and 'Early in the Morning' (What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor) seems to be a suitable closing to this brawlsom tavern adventure as Shaunough retires with a frolicsome young wench, his last day ashore before his adventure on the high seas.

The next morning Shaunough's world has gone "BOTTOMS UP" as he finds himself at sea 'leaning' over a ship's rail, which is very amusing to the crew who are known as the 'Silly Ass Wharf Rats'. All join in to sing their most favorite sea shanties such as 'Blow the Man Down', 'Jolly Grog', and the 'Maid from Amsterdam'. Many a tall tale were traded as they sail to the Faire, that is, until they were caught in a very violent storm where Shaunough goes down in a shipwreck.

Well, it took a little time for Shaunough to swim ashore (like a couple of years) fully equipped with a bad case of amnesia. Shaunough starts exploring the land but is quickly suspended "UPSIDE DOWN" having gotten his foot caught in an ankle-noose. The 'Wee Folk' of the island find him first and entertain him until the military escort, known as 'The Dirty Dog Troop', can cut him down from the ankle-noose. Upon freeing Shaunough they find he remembers he is a singer and was on his way to the 'Faire' so they compel him to sing to get his memory back. Such songs as 'Tim Finnigan's Wake', 'Castle of Dramore', 'Star of the County Down', and 'Whiskey in the Jar', do the trick, but ...............
  ....... what happens next, you'll just have to hear to find out.

(LATEST: Shaunough - Another Realm (includes songs such as: "Courtin' In The Kitchen", "Endearing Young Charms", "Mad Tom of Bedlam", "Easy And Slow", and "3 Knights on a Quest")  )

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