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I was born at a very young age. I made it through toddlership in Charlestown, MA and then through little-kidship in Winthrop, MA. I then lived in Malden where I heard a music teacher play piano and I was lifted to a love of music. I told my parents I wanted to learn to play piano.... we even had a piano in the living room!! So, ... they got me an accordion and accordion lessons for a dollar instead!


(Don't that suck when they just don't listen to you?!) Shortly after, I went to the "Cape" with other family members and the accordion went into the closet.

I had an Irish friend who called me "Young Tip" because part of my family came from County Tipperary in Ireland. But, I was also called Shaunough, which means 'Little Shawn' OR 'Shawn-Me-Boy'. Well, the name Shaunough stuck, and it felt comfortable.

A few years later I met friends who played guitar and I got them to teach me a few chords. That didn't suck, but I was limited. When the "Beatles" came out, I met other friends who played and we started a band called "Liverpool Sounds". Boy, did we suck! The next band was a soul band. Man, we couldn't suck enough!

A few years later I got married, we had a child, and I played for my own self-expression (no comment).

In 1980 I needed to try to make some extra money, so I formed a band with a girl singer.... WOW, This "suck thing" was really getting to suck!!"

After that, I wrote songs about my life and times and realized, I didn't suck all that bad. But, now my recording equipment was out-dated. I bought a 4-track recorder and wrote some songs that I felt were cowboy-rock songs. And, I didn't think they were too bad.

Next, I tried going solo after learning some Gordon Lightfoot songs and the first guest appearance got me so nervous I couldn't stop my left leg from shaking. Well, the songs were good, but that left leg sucked!

It was a short time after that, that I found Irish pubs were a lot of fun. I learned some old traditional drinking songs along with some Billy Joel, Creedence Clearwater, Elton John, Jimmy Buffett, and more Gordon Lightfoot tunes to get some gigs. And that didn't suck!

Years passed, and on one September day, my then high-school daughter wanted to visit a friend in Wheaton College. At that same time I saw an ad for "King Richard's Faire" in Carver, MA. So, next day we headed down to let our daughter visit friends, and we visited "King Richard's Faire" where we were introduced to the most romantic experience ever felt. After several more visits and making many friends through the season, I found the way to audition for the next year, and as "Shaunough, The Wandering Minstrel" I have been so fortunate to be accepted by so many friends and happy to have a part in entertainment.

MaGoof In the past, I have also created characters, such as: Dimsdale Magoof, a 'Pickering Wharf Pirate'; Captain Slydog, on a short visit to M.A.T.V.; Finnigan the Rogue, Kirk Kilpatrick, a romantic marrying-sam who wants to stay in the U.S.A. after flunking out of Frank's University (all cheer, "F.U. RAH, RAH, RAH!!"); Father Donald O'Donald, for a past production of Matty O'Malley's Wake; and most recently I have played as the Reverend Allen Rightman in a friend's murder-mystery dinner.... and that was so much fun and, it did not suck!! Cap'n

From past events years ago at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA (where I didn't know who the hell I was except a wandering minstrel) to a singer/musician at Irish sessions, such as with good friends at "Sean O'Toole's Pub" in Plymouth, MA; or welcomed at open mic's at various places like, most recently, the Raynham Winery, or in character at 'King Richard's Faire, I have been so fortunate to have been associated with such artists as Linda Chase, a very talented producer and musician from Paws Recording Studio in Woburn, MA and Phil Oliver, engineer and musician from Aardvark Graphics and Sound in Scituate, MA, and very grateful to friends who have supported me as the 'Silly Ass Wharf Rats' and 'The Dirty Dog Troop'.

And special thanks to Carol Hickey for bodrhan drumming on 'DREAM', and hugs to Loretta Sylvia for the original picture of Shaunough used on all recordings so far, and last but not least, to Ginny, my inspiration with all the support and help, and always being there.

I am a very, very, lucky man to have so many friends, and even those I haven't met yet.

Thank you for keeping the candle burning.


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